MFV “Veronica”

MFV “Veronica”

Project details

Installation of upgraded Refrigeration and A/C systems for operation of MFV “Veronica” Fishing Vessel in tropical climates.

Works completed

  • Marine-approved split A/C system for wheelhouse, galley and mess room
  • Design/installation of cooling coil and circulation fan
  • Installed an existing ship’s Air Handling Unit (A.H.U.)
  • Design, fabrication and installation of a new ventilation louvre for air intake to A.H.U.
  • New sea water cooled condensing unit for cooling coil installed in the engine room
  • All necessary ductwork , pipework and cabling
  • Serviced all existing refrigeration systems
  • Design/install of new duct work systems to supply cool air to the hydraulic room and engine room

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We had very limited time in order to get the vessel ready for a contract in West Africa, with one month to prepare and get the vessel ready for the voyage, we understood that A/C was a critical requirement for our crews comfort. We had a number of discussions on the most time efficient way to install the A/C. We decided that it was best to install the cooling battery in line with the fans. This system worked really well, and kept our crew comfortable during the voyage. The other works proved very important as some of the areas on board were reaching up on plus 40 degrees and the additional fans and cooling air was the only way to keep equipment from tripping on thermal overload.  

We are delighted to have utilised KER Group again on yet another project, and they proved once again why they are the experts in keep it cool. 

Eamonn Doherty, Shore Support Engineer for Atlantic Dawn Group.

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MFV “Realt Ara”

MFV “Realt Ara”

Project details

KER Group supplied and installed New Fish Hold Chilling along with other refrigeration works to the MFV “Realt Ara” fishing vessel. 

Works completed

  • New Fish hold chilling. 
  • New Geneglase Ice Machine. 
  • Temperature monitoring system. 
  • Man in hold alarm. 
  • Bilge alarm. 
  • Marel Weigh scales. 
  • Sorting Tables.  
  • New non-slip flooring. 

There were two existing slurry ice machines in place, that weren’t working well. The skipper wanted a flake ice system for use while white fishing. The existing fish hold system was working, but to improve the quality of the fish, a complete upgrade was required. All the existing fish hold evaporators were removed and replaced with a stainless-steel evaporator made from pipe. This increased the duty by double. There was a new Bitzer compressor and condenser fitted as well, all the systems were fully piped wired and commissioned by KER Group. 


I employed KER Group as the quality of my fish is important to me, and as I wanted to land a quality product every time ashore. Carrying out this major overhaul has guaranteed that for me, and I am very happy with the work completed. The refrigeration system is working very well and keeping temperature in the fish hold. The ice machine is producing great. I am glad I carried out this project and delighted that I used KER Group. They are the professionals when it comes to chilling. 

I highly recommend KER Group for all your refrigeration needs.  

Martín Conneely , Owner MFV “Realt Ara” 

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