KER Group are Marine Refrigeration specialists. We have been in the Marine Industry since 1995, and we define what a good refrigeration system means. We work with boat owners in the marine industry who want optimum fish quality for their customers by supplying everything from Marine Refrigeration systems, Ice Machines, Blast Freezing & Cold Rooms/Cold Storage to Fish hold chilling.

What we guarantee you as our client

  • Bitzer Refrigeration Equipment
  • Danfoss solenoid, Expansion Valves.
  • Stainless Steel Framework.
  • Quality OEM Parts.
  • Quality Workmanship.
  • Required duty for an optimum quality product.
  • Stainless Steel Evaporators.
  • Temperature logging.
  • KER Group specialises in:  Blast Freezing, Cold Rooms, Fish Hold Systems.

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Fish Hold Refrigeration

  • Custom-Made Stainless-Steel Evaporators
  • Packaged Bitzer Condensing Units
  • Custom Electrical Control Panel with Integrated Temperature Control
  • Temperature range between 0°C & -5°C
  • Data Logger for temperature monitoring readout
  • Fresh Water Makers
  • Low global warming potential refrigerant used

Blast Freezing

  • Room layout is designed for optimal airflow & product freezing
  • Improve the quality & yield of your catch
  • Bitzer Condensing Units with typical installation achieving -30°C
  • Data Logger for temperature monitoring readout
  • Custom Electrical Control Panel with Integrated Temperature Control
  • Heavy-Duty Stainless-Steel Insertion Probe
  • Timber constructed room with fibreglass finish
  • Closed-cell high-performance insulation used
  • Heavy-Duty insulated Door (Latch and slidable options available)
  • Design & manufacture custom S/S Racking system with removable shelves

Cold Storage

  • Construction of insulated space
  • Design & installation of chill room evaporator
  • Fibreglass finish customer’s colour requirement
  • Non-Slip Floor
  • Low Temperature Lighting

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