MFV “Stella Nova”

Project details

In 2018, KER Group supplied the Fish Hold Chilling System, Cold Store Refrigeration System & Blast Freezer to the MFV “Stella Nova”.

Works completed

  • Fish Hold Chilling System at 0°C with Stainless Steel Evaporators & Bitzer Condensing Unit
  • Cold Store Refrigeration System Holding at -20°C with S/S Door and Bitzer Condensing Unit
  • -25°C Blast Freezer Room with S/S Door. Heavy Duty Product Probe & Bitzer Condensing Unit
  • SIMEX Temperature Logging System with real-time temperature readout. This was in the Wheelhouse for Hold, Cold Room, Blast Room & Blast Room Product.
  • Gas Alarm System for All Rooms and Machinery Space
  • “Man in Hold” Alarm in Cold Store.

All necessary pipework, insulation and cabling were installed on board the MFV “Stella Nova”. A new master refrigeration control panel was designed and built in-house at KER’s Workshop and installed to control all the refrigeration systems.

A new BUUS Flake Ice machine with Bitzer condensing unit was installed to deliver Flake Ice to the storage area in the Hold directly below. This was supplied with its own control panel and Gas alarm. With the use of KER’s Plastic Welding Equipment a custom Ice Chute was constructed. This has a clear vision panel to allow the operator to see the quality and quantity of Ice being delivered to the hold below.

KER Marine Refrigeration Product Offering


Location: Killybegs, Ireland
Client: Niall Connolly, Clogherhead