MFV “Achieve”

Project details

In 2018, KER Group were awarded the contract to supply, a blast room in the fish hold, a new fish hold chilling, and an ice machine on the MFV “Achieve”.

Works completed

KER Group, supplied and installed the following on board the MFV “Achieve”;
• Blast room in the fish hold
• New Fish hold chilling
• New 3t/24hrs Geneglace Ice Machine
• Fresh Water Maker 2t a day
• Temperature monitoring system.
Blast Room
The original blast system was working well, but the owner wanted to make more use of the space by dividing the room and adding additional chilling. This was achieved by fitting a complete standalone blast unit, and fitting a bulkhead wall creating two rooms.

The new Blast can freeze over 1 tonne of product in 3 hours which means the new system is much more efficient at guaranteeing the quality of the frozen product

Fish Hold Chilling

The existing fish hold system, was fitted with stainless steel piping, the owner wanted to improve the chilling, so a complete new fish hold evaporator was fitted in place, increasing the evaporator to double the size.

Fresh Water Maker

A fresh water maker was supplied and installed. This system runs from the main engine heat and produces fresh water, which is of great benefit. The ice machine can utilise this fresh water for the full trip, without changing over to salt water.

The full refrigeration system is controlled by Eliwell controllers, however, a separate temperature monitoring system was installed to record the data for the trip. This can be presented to the buyer of the fish or the authorities as proof of quality over the duration of the trip.

Ice Machine

A new Geneglace 3t/24hrs ice machine was supplied and installed also.


Since the project was completed, I have fished the vessel on a number of occasions myself, and I am delighted to say that all systems are working very well. The Blast room has exceeded my expectations, it is very quick at taking the temperature down and freezing our catch. This ensures the quality of our product for the fish market.

I highly recommend KER Group for any projects you may be considering.


Shaun Conneely

KER Marine Refrigeration Product Offering

KER Ice Machine Product Offering


Client: Shaun Conneely
Location: Killybegs, Ireland