Kilkerrin Salmon Factory

Project Details

In 2022, KER Group were awarded the contract to design, supply and install salmon processing equipment to this factory.

Works completed


  • Design/manufacture/install 2 x conveyor belts to transport salmon for gutting.
  • Design/manufacture/install 2 x flighted conveyor belts to transport to ice dosing machine.
  • Supplied hopper to ice dosing machine complete with hopper

Project Description

Before the project was conducted, ice had been manually shovelled onto the salmon. This led to a lot of ice falling on the floor which missed its intended target. There was a large amount of waste ice which led to a slippery & hazardous workspace for staff. By adding the ice dosing machine, a predetermined quantity of ice was placed into each polystyrene box of salmon. This ensured that each box received a better quality of ice and a correct quantity each time, reducing spillage, waste and inconsistencies in volume put into each box.

The addition of the conveyor belts ensured that the salmon was guided directly & it prevented the operator from overstretching & lifting the salmon into the filleting machines. This project made the operation and salmon processing much more efficient, reducing waste ice, improving safety & delivering a fresh & high-quality end product.

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Client: Kilkerrin Salmon
Location: Connemara, Co. Galway