Dewatering Trailer Project

Project details

In 2022, KER Group were awarded the contract to design a dewatering trailer for a fish processing factory. Design and manufacture of individual components such as the conveyor system, water separator and return water tank were completed in KER by our team and the whole Dewatering system project was completed in-house.

Works completed

•Design & manufacture a conveyor system
•Design & manufacture a S/S water separator
•Design & manufacture a S/S return water tank
•Automation of systems
•All electrical works completed
•Fibre glassing of walls & ceilings
•All necessary stainless steel and polyethylene piping completed
•Stainless steel framework completed
•Full commissioning & testing of all systems
Project Description
The end goal of this project was to have the ability to get the weight of fish on their own without water. The trailer acts as a Dewatering unit which separates fish from water. Contained in the rear of the trailer are two 14“connections for boats to attach to. A combination of both fish and water are pumped upwards to the stainless-steel water separator on the top floor through these connections via stainless-steel pipes.

The water separator then separates the water and fish, with water transported to a 17m³ return water tank on the bottom floor and the fish are fed on to a large 1700mm wide conveyor coming off the separator. As the fish are carried on the conveyor any excess water is removed by 9 large high-velocity fans along the length of the belt. As the fish make their way to the front of the trailer, they meet another conveyor that runs horizontally across the trailer and leads to the exterior. This belt is bi-directional and its purpose is to transport the fish to the fish tankers parked at either side of the trailer.

A touch screen is installed which allows for accurate control of the seawater quantity that is pumped into the fish tanker or back to the boat. The PLC is programmed to ensure that when fish are being filled into the fish tanker that the water valves cannot open. The trailer has the capability of handling 140T of fish per hour.