Bio Marine Ingredients

Project Details

In 2016, KER were awarded the contract for the main contract build of this new factory for Bio Marine Ingredients Ltd.

Works completed


  • Installation of process equipment.
  • Installation of electrical works.
  • Installation and welding of all pipework to the process equipment and all other factory needs (pressure washer system, fire hose, sinks, eye wash points).
  • Installation and fine tuning of wastewater treatment plant.

Process Equipment: 

  • Over 90 pieces of equipment installed
  • The process installation was separated into 4 areas: Intake area, wet process area, evaporator area & miller drier room.
  • Intake area: Conveyor belt, mincer & mixing tank
  • Wet process area: 1st floor: 9 x plate heat exchangers, 28 x pumps, 14 x stainless steel tanks with the largest 6m in height. 2nd floor: 4 x plate heat exchangers, 2 decanters, 3 x separators, 2 x flow heat exchangers & 1 pump.
  • Evaporator area: A 9m evaporator, 2 x filter skids (membrane filtration & nano filtration) , 6 x pumps & a vacuum pump
  • Miller drier room: 2 x filtration tanks, a bone hopper (which extracts bones from fish liquidized mixture), an ultra rotor (turns liquid into powder which uses a gas boiler as a heat source) and a ventilator.


  • New light system controlled by a PLC.
  • Supply to process equipment, wastewater treatment plant and office areas including canteen, board room and changing rooms.


  • Total contract included 2.7km of stainless steel piping & 1400 purged welds, all supported and bracketed to prevent vibration.
  • Mild steel & plastic pipework also completed by our team.
  • Majority of the S/S pipework was completed in the wet process area, evaporator area and in the main headers on the pipe bridge.

Wastewater Treatment Plant:

  • Large tank 30m³ installed and sealed fully.
  • Scraper installed to filter the incoming waste water to prevent solids entering the main tank.
  • A Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) which takes solids out of the water was installed and calibrated. It was calibrated to ensure the PH Level of 7 before the cleaned water was sent to County Council Water Treatment Plant.
  • Dosing Pumps were installed to regulate the PH of the Wastewater.

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Client: Bio Marine Ingredients Ltd.
Location: Castleblayney, Monaghan, Ireland