Do you need a Vacuum Pump Landing System with high volume but do not have the space for it? KER Group have a new offering which doesn’t require as much space and is a more compact and more refined solution. By incorporating the tank into 24″ &  14″ stainless steel piping it eradicates the space needed for a vacuum tank with a large cubic volume. This innovative new Vacuum Pump system was designed, manufactured and installed by KER Group into the MFV “Eilean Croine” & MFV “Sparkling Star” new builds completed in Killybegs. It incorporated 2 x Samson Ocean Master 1000’s with the equivalent of a 3000 Litre tank. Full automation package including custom designed PLC and touchscreen. This cutting-edge design is a very effective option for many vessels who previously had issues they could not solve. If this is the solution you require don’t hesitate to contact us today and enquire about our KER Group Vacuum Pump Solutions!!

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