MFV “Sparkling Star”

Project details

In 2021, KER Group were awarded the contract to install a complete RSW system, Vacuum Pump Landing System, Air-Conditioning system & a Walk-in Chill Room & Freezer Room.

Works completed

•Install a new 450KW RSW System at -1° chilled sea water.
• Installation of a new Compact Vacuum Pump Landing system incorporating 2 x Samson Ocean Master 1000’s with the equivalent of a 3000 Litre tank.
• Fit Fujitsu multi-split Air conditioning system in the wheel house, galley, accommodation and technical room.
• Complete a fibre glass constructed walk-in chill room and freezer room with associated refrigeration system and custom-built stainless steel racking for food provisions storage.

Refrigerated Sea Water System (RSW)

KER designed and installed a new 450KW RSW System which chills sea water at -1°C and uses R134a refrigerant. A polyethylene manifold was manufactured & installed to control chilled water & distribution to all fish tanks. The KER team designed & programmed a PLC which controls this system.

Vacuum Pump Landing System

KER fitted a new type of Vacuum Pump Landing System in this vessel which is a much more compact & refined solution. By incorporating the Vacuum tank into 24″ & 14″ stainless steel piping it eradicates the space needed for a Vacuum Tank with a large cubic volume. This innovative new solution will solve problems for vessel owners where they previously couldn’t. The system fitted incorporated 2 x Samson Ocean Master 1000’s with the equivalent of a 3000 litre tank. Full automation package with PLC & touchscreen was also installed.

Air Conditioning

KER fit a Fujitsu multi-split Air Conditioning system in the wheelhouse, galley, accommodation & technical room. Ceiling cassettes were installed in the wheelhouse. Wall mounted units were fitted in the accommodation & galley. Marine coated outdoor units were installed which can endure the conditions out at sea. The system overall provides efficient heating & cooling to the vessel’s skipper & crew.

Walk-in Chill Room & Freezer Room

The vessel had space off the Galley for a walk-in chill room & freezer room for food provisions. KER installed a heater mat underneath the floor of the freezer room to prevent frost heave. The rooms were sheeted and the walls, floor & ceiling were fibre-glassed with the customer’s colour requirement which will give the room durability and offers ease of cleaning. A wedge-type evaporator was supplied & installed to cool the room with a smart temperature controller mounted on the exterior of both rooms to manage the temperatures. A custom stainless steel racking for food provisions was designed, manufactured & installed. Exterior-mounted condenser units fitted & a custom stainless-steel housing was erected for protection against marine conditions. A heavy-duty insulated door was installed at the entrance of both rooms.

KER provided all the above systems including, all copper, stainless steel, mild steel & polyethylene piping. All necessary coded welding for refrigeration piping. Complete electrical installation, electrical control cabinets manufactured in KER & were installed on board.

KER RSW Product Offering

KER Vacuum Pump Product Offering

KER Air Conditioning Product Offering

KER Walk-in Chill Room & Freezer Room Product Offering


Client: Donal O'Neill
Location: Killybegs, Co. Donegal