KER Group is an electrical and refrigeration company based in Co. Donegal, Ireland. The company has customers in a wide variety of sectors such as marine, pharmaceuticals, food, oil, retail, and hospitality.

The company was founded by Eugene McBrearty and his wife Ann in 1995 and has grown since. KER Group has an excellent track record as a reliable, high quality, service provider.

KER Group has carried out projects around the world, in places England, Denmark, France, Namibia, and multiple states in Northern America to name but a few.

Our core services include the following

  • Refrigeration / Air Conditioning
  • Electrical
  • Total Fish Handling Solutions
  • Water Treatment
  • Fabrication / Welding
  • Turnkey projects

The company is a family run business and their ethos is one of treating customers like part of the family, creating a lifelong relationship with them and striving to never let them down. KER Group prides itself on the unmatched level of customer service provided to its clients.